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Fault-Tolerant & Reliable

Observery monitors your site from multiple locations on regular intervals to ensure that your site is running.


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With our intuitive sign up and configuration interface you'll have your site monitored in a matter of minutes. No software installation needed.



We will notify you when your site goes down and comes back up.

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  30 Day Free Trial Monthly Price Yearly Price  
1 Site Monitored Yes $1 $9 ($0.75/mo) (570) 323-1981
5 Sites Monitored Yes $4 $39 ($3.25/mo) Sign Up »
10 Sites Monitored Yes $8 $79 ($6.58/mo) (754) 702-3549
15 Sites Monitored Yes $12 $109 ($9.08/mo) Sign Up »
20 Sites Monitored Yes $15 $139 ($11.58/mo) Sign Up »
25 Sites Monitored Yes $18 $169 ($14.08/mo) Sign Up »

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